Connecting Education settings to education staff

The benefits of Front of Class

Our simple to use digital platform allows Education settings and education staff to take back control of your job placements or application needs by connecting Education settings with education staff in an instant. Whether it's permanent, temporary or supply positions, you'll have direct contact to fulfil any education teaching or assisting vacancy, efficiently, and all in one secure place.

Connect with Staff

Join a rapidly growing community of Education settings who are directly booking education staff in a few clicks. You’ll have their details in the palm of your hand to view availability, location and experience. Fulfilling your open vacancies within minutes.
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Connect with Education Settings

We’ve thousands of education staff on board. It’s time for you to take control of your own work calendar and get more bookings for work by connecting with Education settings that you choose to work with. Plus, it’s free for you to join us.
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Step 1

Register as a School or Education Staff member

Step 2

As a school you can immediately find teachers and invite in for an interview. As an Education Staff member you can create your profile to stand out amongst the crowd

Step 3

Welcome to the Front of Class community, let’s get to work.

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Already a Front of Class member? Simply login and post your vacancy. If you’re not a member – let’s talk. You can register for a demo using the link below or call us free on 020 3927 9000 and one of our advisers will get things started.

If you'd like to know more about Front of Class and how it can benefit your school or your own career in the education sector, request a call back and we’ll get in touch within 24 hours.