We introduce schools to highly qualified teaching talent

and best of all, we charge no agency fees!

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Register with us and gain access to thousands of local pre-qualified teachers.

Here`s how it works for permanent roles:

You search for your potential teaching talent and review their profiles and CVs

Extend invitations for job applications through our application process.

If you find a supply teacher you like and choose to employ them permanently, there will be no additional costs.

Here’s how it works for supply roles:


Through our software or app, you search for a teacher to cover illness or maternity leave, whether it`s for just one day or extending to several months.


Teachers who are available will be presented, and you have the option to either send invitations to all teachers simultaneously or prioritise specific teachers you have previously used by selecting them one at a time in your preferred order.


You have the ability to upload files, notes and class planning materials.


Due to the absence of agency fees, you can save up to 30% on the daily rate

How does Front of Class benefit Schools?

Here are just some of the key benefits that education institutions are getting from our platform.

Save time and money finding permanent staff

Granting you instant access to a vast pool of local talented permanent education staff.

No temp to perm fees

Convert your supply staff into permanent team members with no additional agency fees

Fully compliant staff

We conduct thorough compliance checks on their credentials and background before allowing you to connect directly with them.

Build you own bank of trusted staff

With our platform you can create and manage your own pool of preferred supply teachers, who align with your specific requirements and have proven to be reliable and competent.

Save time and money finding cover staff

Our service enables you to save time and money by providing instant access to a vast pool of highly talented temporary and cover supply staff, you can save 30% on the average daily rate.

Lesson planning

Directly connect your Education Institutions with a growing community of education staff.

Directly connect your education institutions with a growing community of education staff.

Our aim is to make your life easier, saving you valuable time and money.

How does Front of Class benefit schools?

Our platform allows you to save both time and money when searching for permanent and cover staff, by leveraging our services, you can streamline the hiring process and access a wide range of potential candidates instantly. This way, you can invest more resources in other critical areas of your organisation while ensuring you find the right talent to join your team for the long and short term.

Is there a fee or commission for using Front of Class as an Education Institution?

We charge a monthly fee regardless of the number of permanent or cover staff you employ. This means you can take advantage of our services to hire as many staff members as you need, without agency costs. Our transparent pricing model ensures simplicity and affordability, empowering you to build your team without worrying about cumulative fees.

Benefits for Schools
  • No agency fees, reducing supply cover costs by 30%.

  • Save £000’s with no job board fees for permanent roles.

  • Unlimited recruitment of permanent and cover staff

  • Platform for discovering, hiring, and managing supply teachers

  • Free job board enabling schools to actively search and extend invitations to teachers for open positions.

  • Our online application form is compatible with all schools.

  • Schools can now proactively invite teachers to apply for positions, transforming the recruitment landscape beyond traditional job board responses.

  • Transition supply teachers to permanent roles without charges, saving substantial amounts on agency fees.

  • All cover staff are fully compliant.

  • Empowers schools to establish a dedicated pool of cover teachers and seamlessly extend work invitations through our platform or app.

  • Ability to invite supply teachers all at once, on a first-come, first-served basis, or individually in a preferred sequence, empowering schools to select teachers of their choice.

  • No need for schools to contact numerous agencies or individual teachers; en-masse invitations can be sent within seconds via our service.

  • Files and class planning details can also be sent to the successful supply teachers

  • We can even arrange payroll for supply teachers.

  • Android and Apple apps for both Teachers and Schools

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